Brazil World Cup 2014 Schedule

World Cup 2014  - BrazilBrazil World Cup 2014 Schedule

Brazil World Cup 2014 Schedule in Brazil from 12/06/2014 to 13/07/2014 Group D With Croatia, Mexico, Brazil, Cameroon.

Brazil World Cup 2014 Brazil Schedule

World Cup 2014  - BrazilBrazil World Cup 2014 Schedule
World Cup 2014  - BrazilBrazil World Cup 2014 Schedule
World Cup 2014  - BrazilBrazil World Cup 2014 Schedule

World Cup 2014 Brazil National Team

  • FIFA country code: BRA
  • FIFA member since: 1923
  • Confederation: CONMEBOL
  • Confederation member since: 1916
  • Association: Confederação Brasileira de Futebol (CBF)
  • In English: Brazilian Football Confederation
  • Association founded: 1914
  • Most caps: Cafu (142)
  • Top scorer: Pelé (77)
  • 1st World Cup win: 4-0 Bolivia in Uruguay ’30
  • 1st World Cup goal scorer: Preguinho (1930)

World Cup 2014 Brazil Schedule Group A

112/0617:00São PauloWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Brazil teamBrazilCroatiaWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Croatia team
213/0613:00NatalWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Mexico teamMexicoCameroonWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Cameroon team
1717/0616:00FortalezaWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Brazil teamBrazilMexicoWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Mexico team
1818/0618:00ManausWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Cameroon teamCameroonCroatiaWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Croatia team
3323/0617:00BrasiliaWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Cameroon teamCameroonBrazilWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Brazil team
3423/0617:00RecifeWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Croatia teamCroatiaMexicoWorld Cup Brazil 2014 Mexico team

On the 30th of October 2007, it was announced that Brazil would be the World Cup host in 2014. This means the World Cup 2014 Brazil national team is automatically qualified and present in this beautiful event in 2014, and will be the first team in group A.

World Cup 2014 Brazil Players

Players who will probably be selected for the World Cup 2014 Brazil national team are:

Júlio CésarThiago Silva
David Luiz
Dani Alves
Lucas Moura
Alexandre Pato
Luís Fabiano

Head Coach: Luiz Scolari (Brazilian)
Captain: Thiago Silva

World Cup 2014 Brazil National Team Jerseys

Brazil World Cup History

How Many World Cups Played: ALL of them (19)

  1. 1930 – Uruguay
  2. 1934 – Italy
  3. 1938 – France
  4. 1950 – Brazil
  5. 1954 – Switzerland
  6. 1958 – Sweden
  7. 1962 – Chile
  8. 1966 – England
  9. 1970 – Mexico
  10. 1974 – West Germany
  1. 1978 – Argentina
  2. 1982 – Spain
  3. 1986 – Mexico
  4. 1990 – Italy
  5. 1994 – USA
  6. 1998 – France
  7. 2002 – Japan/South Korea
  8. 2006 – Germany
  9. 2010 – South Africa
World Cup 2014 Brazil National Team Results

Brazil World Cup results

GP=Games played, W=Wins, D=Draws, L=Losses, GS=Goals scored, GA=Goals against

Draws include knockout matches decided on penalty kicks.

Did You Know Brazil:

  • Has the following nicknames: A seleção (The Selection), Verde-Amarela (Green and Yellow), Pentacampeões (Five Time Champions) and by foreigners: yellow canaries
  • Is the 4th country to win a World Cup
  • Is the only country to have participated in each World Cup
  • Is the only country to have won the World Cup Final 5 times: 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002
  • Is the only country together with Germany which has played 3 World Cup Finals in a row (1994, 1998, 2002)

  • Is the 2nd country and last country so far to have won 2 World Cups in a row
  • Has the most World Cup wins (67) and goals (210)
  • Is the only country (besides Argentina) to have won the World Cup away from its continent (1958 Sweden and 2002 Japan/South Korea)
  • Is the only country to have won the World Cup in 4 different continents (Europe, South America, North America, Asia)
  • Was allowed to keep the Jules Rimet trophy after having won the World Cup 3 times
  • Has a long time rivalry with Argentina
  • Encountered Argentina only 4 times in the history of World Cups (2 wins, 1 draw, 1 lost)
  • Has 2 other historical rivals: Italy (2 won and 2 lost) and France (3 lost)
  • Player Preguinho is the first South American World Cup goal scorer, which is scored in their first 1930 World Cup match against Yugoslavia (1-2)
  • Player Waldemar de Brito is the first World Cup player to have missed a penalty (against Spain in the 1934 World Cup)
  • Player Waldemar de Brito is acknowledged to have discovered Pelé in Pelé’s early football days
  • Lost the infamous 1950 World Cup Final (also called Maracanaço) against Uruguay which traumatized the entire country
  • Started to use their famous yellow jerseys for the first time in the 1954 World Cup
  • Brazilian trainer Zezé Moreira (1954) is the brother of Brazilian trainer Aymoré Moreira (1962): The only brothers who have coached the same country in a World Cup
  • Lost a memorable 1954 World Cup Quarter-Final match (also called Battle of Bern) against Hungary which included violent behaviour  and fighting, which continued in the dressing rooms
  • Played the first World Cup match where 0 goals were scored (against England in the 1958 World Cup)
  • Player Pelé is so far the youngest player in World Cup history to have scored a hat-trick with the age of 17 and 244 days (against France in the 1958 World Cup)

  • Goalkeeper Gilmar is the first and only goalkeeper so far to have won 2 consecutive World Cups (1958,1962) in the starting position
  • Forward José Altafini participated in the 1958 World Cup for the Brazilian team but switched to the Italian team for the 1962 World Cup since ‘Brazil never called on players who were based overseas’ and didn’t want to miss the World Cup
  • Didn’t make it to 2nd round in the 1966 World Cup, while they won the 1962 and 1970 World Cup Final
  • Is the 2nd country which didn’t make it to the 2nd round (1966 World Cup) after having won the previous World Cup (1962)
  • Has a former national footballer who is the only player to have won a World Cup 3 times: The one and only Pelé (1958, 1962, 1970)
  • Player Pelé and German Uwe Seeler are the only players who have scored in 4 World Cups, coincidentally both in 1958, 1962, 1966 and 1970
  • Never lost a match when both Pelé and Garrincha were playing
  • Player Vavá is the first player to have scored a goal in 2 Finals (1958, 1962)
  • Player Garrincha is the first player to have won the Golden Boot, Golden Ball and the tournament (in 1962) (after the Golden Ball was retrospectively awarded)
  • Forward Pelé was tackled fiercely and brutally during the 1966 World Cup group matches, and after the elimination he vowed never to participate in a World Cup again (he changed his mind and participated 4 years later)

  • Player/trainer Mario Zagallo is the first person to have won the World Cup Final as a player (1958) and as a coach (1970)
  • Forward Jairzinho is the 4th and last player so far in World Cup history to have scored in every match (1970 World Cup)
  • Team from the 1982 World Cup is considered as 1 of the few greatest teams to have never won a World Cup
  • Almost didn’t qualify directly for the 1994 World Cup, in the last qualification match against Uruguay Romario scored the 2 winning goals
  • Player Bebeto celebrated his famous goal in the 1994 Quarter-Final against the Netherlands as he was cradle-rocking an imaginary baby, since his 3rd child, son Matteus (named after German player Lothar Matthäus) was born 2 days before the match
  • Had to wait 24 years to win the World Cup for the 4th time (1994)
  • Is the first country to win a Final by a penalty shootout (1994)
  • Player Ronaldo joined the World Cup 1994 Brazilian team, but didn’t play any matches
  • Encountered Sweden a record amount of 7 times in a World Cup: (1938,1950,1958,1978,1990, 2x 1994), the same amount as Germany – Serbia World Cup encounters
  • Player Romário had to miss the 1998 World Cup due to a muscular injury he didn’t recover from in time
  • Player Ronaldo almost missed the 1998 World Cup Final due to an epileptic seizure which he suffered on the night before the Final
  • 1998 World Cup Final loss (3-0) was their first and only World Cup match so far which was lost with a goal difference of 3
  • Captain and player Cafu is the first and only player so far to have played in 3 World Cup Finals (1994,1998, 2002)
  • Player Ronaldo changed his hairstyle during the 2002 World Cup since his then young son thought player Roberto Carlos was his dad when seeing him on television, the new look had to avoid such confusion
  • Winger Denilson has the most appearances as a substitute in World Cup history: 11 times (1998-2002)
  • Striker Romario was considered to play the 2002 World Cup, but wasn’t selected due to indiscipline
  • Has the record of having won 11 consecutive World Cup matches: 7 matches were won in 2002 and 4 in 2006
  • Player Roberto Carlos made an unfortunate mistake in the 2006 World Cup Quarter-Final match against France by tying his shoelaces during a free kick which resulted in the 1-0 final score for France
  • Player Cafu received together with French player Zinedine Zidane the highest amount of card: 6 yellow cards in total (1994-2006)
  • Received the most red cards in World Cup history: 11
  • Player Ronaldo is the number 1 World Cup top goalscorer with 15 goals
  • Has the record of having won 11 consecutive World Cup matches: 7 matches were won in 2002 and 4 in 2006
  • Right back Cafu has won the most World Cup matches so far: 16 (1994-2006)
  • Has 7 players which have won the FIFA Golden Ball Award (Leônidas, Zizinho, Didi, Garrincha, Pelé, Romario, Ronaldo), more than any other country
  • Has 5 players which have won the FIFA Golden Boot Award (Leônidas, Ademir, Garrincha, Vavá, Ronaldo), more than any other country
  • Has 44 players which are included in the World Cup All-Star teams, more than any other country
  • Has won the FIFA Fair Play Trophy 4 times (1982, 1986, 1994, 2006), more than any other country
  • Will be based in Teresópolis, Rio de Janeiro during the 2014 World Cup

World Cup Awards

1938Golden BallLeônidas
1938Golden Boot (7 goals)Leônidas
1938All-Star TeamDomingos da Guia
1950Golden BallZizinho
1950Bronze BallAdemir
1950Golden Boot (8 goals)Ademir
1950Bronze Boot (4 goals)Chico
1950All-Star TeamBauer
1954All-Star TeamDjalma Santos
1958Golden BallDidi
1958Silver BallPelé
1958Silver Boot (6 goals)Pelé
1958Bronze Boot (5 goals)Vavá
1958Best Young Player AwardPelé
1958All-Star TeamDjalma Santos
Nílton Santos
1962Golden BallGarrincha
1962Golden Boot (4 goals)Garrincha
1962Silver Boot (3 goals)Amarildo
1962All-Star TeamDjalma Santos
1970Golden BallPelé
1970Silver BallGérson
1970Silver Boot (7 goals)Jairzinho
1970All-Star TeamCarlos Alberto
1978Bronze BallDirceu
1978All-Star TeamDirceu
1982Silver BallFalcão
1982Bronze Boot (4 goals)Zico
1982FIFA Fair Play TrophyBrazil
1982All-Star TeamLuizinho
1986Silver Boot (5 goals)Careca
1986FIFA Fair Play TrophyBrazil
1986All-Star TeamJosimar
Júlio César
1994Golden BallRomário
1994Silver Boot (5 goals)Romário
1994FIFA Fair Play TrophyBrazil
1994Most Entertaining TeamBrazil
1994All-Star TeamJorginho
Márcio Santos
1998Golden BallRonaldo
1998Bronze Boot (4 goals)Ronaldo
1998All-Star TeamRoberto Carlos
2002Silver BallRonaldo
2002Golden Boot (8 goals)Ronaldo
2002Silver Boot (5 goals)Rivaldo
2002All-Star TeamRoberto Carlos
2006Bronze Boot (3 goals)Ronaldo
2006FIFA Fair Play TrophyBrazil
2006All-Star TeamZé Roberto
2010All-Star TeamMaicon

Best Performance

2002 – Final: Aside from winning the World Cup by beating Germany with 0-2, Brazil won every single game with only 4 goals made against them.

Worst Performance

1934 – First round: Brazil lost against Spain with 3-1 which resulted in the 14th position.

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